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    Mar 2002

    2018 Mid terms and 2020 Prez Election

    Why not? It's been a whole month and the left seems about to implode again. I'll start with this lil gem from the Clinton News Network:

    Liberal group threatens to challenge Democrats with primary fights

    (CNN)The progressive coalition solidified by Bernie Sanders' insurgent campaign and energized by the broad liberal backlash to President Donald Trump is preparing to launch primary challenges against elected Democrats they see going wobbly in the fight against the new administration.

    To press the issue, Sanders veterans, along with allied activists and organizers, have launched a new political action committee called We Will Replace You. The group is demanding that Democrats on Capitol Hill uniformly oppose all Trump nominees, including Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, demand the firing of top Trump strategist Steve Bannon and use all the levers of their limited congressional power to gum up the White House agenda -- or face opposition from within their own party.

    They are also asking new supporters to sign a pledge -- written at the top of their homepage -- promising to back "primary election challengers against any Democrats who won't do everything in their power to resist Trump."
    The rest is more of the same. The comical part is CNN (the network feeding debate questions to Clinton)and these useful idiots seem to still think they have a choice even after their party fooked Bern out of the nomination. The fix is still in with the sooper dooper delegates you mass of rioting twits. You'll need to rejigger the DNC to have any chance of the "change" your scattered little brains desire. And good luck with that...

    ** edit to add**

    Keith Ellison’s Corrupt Bargain Shakes Up DNC Race

    In a move that will send shockwaves through the DNC Chairmanship race, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley has dropped out of the race and thrown his support behind Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN). Yet the price of Buckley’s support might come at too high of a price for Ellison. Among the small group of Democrats who will have a vote next Saturday, the rumors of a shady backroom deal between Ellison and Buckley have been rampant recently:

    “But Buckley’s support may also come with charges of back-room dealing for Elision, an ally of Sen. Bernie Sanders, who campaigned against supposed conspiring at the DNC during his presidential bid last year. Dealmaking is common these kind of races, but rumors about negotiations between the Ellison and Buckley camps provoked some negative reactions from DNC members in emails exchanged this week.”

    With the news that Buckley is dropping out and supporting Ellison, the last week of the DNC race has taken a messy turn. Ellison’s comments have now confirmed that there was in fact a quid pro quo involved:

    “‘When we have a successful outcome in Atlanta next week, I have asked him to lead our effort to provide the support and resources the state parties need in a new and innovative 57 state strategy,’ Ellison said in a statement.”

    Coming on the heels of the SEIU and UAW announcing their support for Ellison, this should have the Democratic establishment worried that their candidate Tom Perez will come up short next Saturday. Yet by embracing backroom deals to win the DNC Chairmanship, Ellison might end up alienating the grassroots who were so disgusted at the DNC’s corrupt conduct during the 2016 presidential race.

    Pretty please with sugar on top.... let Ellison "lead" the DNC...
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