Hey guys,

Not sure if anyone out there has this CPU, I just recently procured one from a friend. Everything's working well however after fiddling around a bit, I've noticed a strange issue. After playing around with some Overclocking, I was keen to see how my 'new' CPU compared to others on the interwebz. Turns out, rather poorly.

Results of my CineBench R15 run:
http://imgur.com/a/hD3L3 - Bear mind, this is at 4.5Ghz
Original article: http://techreport.com/review/26683/o...ore-i7-4790k/3

I just ran another CineBench at stock speeds, using CPU-Z to verify the clock speed (stock) + voltages etc. - http://imgur.com/a/l19V1

The webpage on the right shows an article demonstrating their runs with a stock 4790K vs. their OC'd 4790K and a 4770K (which are important as I'm using them as the benchmark to compare my results against). The reason I used this article specifically, is because I'm only running DDR3 1600 Mem, which I thought could be the issue. However they have used similar ddr3 1600 mem in this article so that's shouldn't be the issue. They are however using the newer Z97 chipset, but this shouldn't matter, right?

My Specs:
i7 4790K CPU
16Gb DDR3 1600 (4x4Gb dimms) Mem
Asus Z87 Sabretooth Mobo (with the latest BIOS revision, 2103)
Corsair RM750X PSU (Gold Certified)
Corsair H75 AIO CPU Cooler
Zotac 1070 GPU
Samsung Evo 850 250Gb SSD

Now I know that that article is a few years old, and that the results of the CineBench R15 I tested could be a bit different so I asked another friend to test with the same updated version. He has a 4770K, with the same DDR3 1600Mhz memory and a MSI Z87 Mobo and gets a score of roughly 700cb (so roughly comparable with what the article showed). If I run the benchmark again (at stocks speeds) I get 680cb, lower than my friends 4770K! That makes very little sense, as at stock settings the 4790K should be appreciably faster than the 4770K.

Ok, so maybe there's an issue with the clock speed, or memory settings you say? Well, I've taken out both 2x4Gb pairs and tested them individually and both end up with similar results so it can't be some sort of memory issue (i.e. populating all 4 Dimm slots, which would lead me to believe there's an issue with the motherboard in that case). I even tested with the XMP profile disabled (runs around 50cb slower) to no avail. Whilst running the test again, with CPU-Z open I can indeed confirm the CPU hitting the targeted speeds (4.2Ghz for stock, and 4.5Ghz with the OC). Temps generally tend to stick around the 60-65c mark which is decent as well (when testing it was rather toasty in the room due to it being a very warm evening).

As for Motherboard settings, for the stock settings I've used the 'Optimised Defaults' setting, and for the OC I used an Asus tutorial on how to OC on their Z87 platform (official Asus video), starting from 'Optimised Defaults'.
I also did a clean install of Windows 10, then installed all of the drivers on the Asus website designed for this motherboard. I then connected the machine to the internet and let Windows Update do its thing. So it shouldn't be a OS/driver issue. The BIOS also had to be updated (as the 4790K doesn't work by default on earlier Z87 mobo's) via the 'USB BIOS Flashback' method.

So could anyone with this CPU please run a Cinebench test for me and let me know what their score is? I would also need to know your system specs (CPU, Mem and Mobo). Thx