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    Dec 2015

    EVGA gtx 1050-Ti works well in UBUNTU 16.04


    Just did a H/W upgrade for my MSI.970.Gaming / AMD.8350 UBUNTU 16.04 system. I replaced legacy EVGA gtx650 with the well-reviewed EVGA gtx1050-Ti; shorty version w/4 GIG. No extra x4 power-plug for the new vidcard. Pre-installed Nvidia driver # 375.x from Ub-NV panel.

    I'm getting ~50 FPS on UNIGINE HEAVEN (1920x1200) with the 1050-Ti compared to 17 FPS for legacy GTX650. All considered a good deal at less-than $150. Bought from NewEgg after AMAZON crapped-out delivering a used gtx660.
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