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    ssd advice

    my raptors are getting long in the tooth , been going 3 years now on them .
    I am looking for some thoughts on a ssd . My motherboard is a asus Z-170-E so it supports the newest M.2 pcie drives . BUT seeing that I am on windows 7 ( hate windows 10 ) I am thinking that these drives would be problematic with windows 7 ? ( correct ? )
    so what to do ? Just go with a sata 6.0 ? and if so which one . I had one before and was unimpressed it was a intel 330 drive , sure it loaded faster by a few seconds but the write speeds were not to my liking especialy small files .

    I do game and surf the net . I have read reviews till I am crosseyed LOL . so ideas, feedback on storage options ? PCIE vs sata worth it or possible ? My head is spinning LOL
    Whats I dont get is a lot of these benchmarks I keep seeing on different sites like IO meter , and "4kb random rites " and such benchmarks I find them confusing and meaningless to me
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