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    Feb 2017

    Looking for a Case

    Hi, I'm looking for some additional suggestions on a case for a new build.

    Full size ATX support. I prefer plenty of room to get my hands in there.
    Drives: At least 1 "5.25 bay, room for at least 2 "3.5 drives, and a couple ssds.
    Good Air cooling support, I have no desire to go into the expense of water cooling. Good filtering is a plus.

    The case will be sitting below me, so while not needed having the case IO on top, instead of in front of the case would be nice.

    Budget is around the $200 mark.

    A couple examples of what I've already run across as interesting are:
    Corsair Carbide Clear 600C
    Corsair Obsidian Series 750D

    Oh, one final note, I have zero interest in anything from Thermaltake.

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    Dec 2016

    Re: Looking for a Case

    Hey, I might have a good computer case that might fit what you need. The CM STORM STRYKER computer case.

    It's a full tower case who support most ATX model. It has a lot of 5.25 bays, same for the 3.5 bays, even has room for a couple SSD's.

    The cooling is excellent as well. It can support up to 3 radiators at once. I know you don't want water cooling, but it supports it.

    I did not personally test this case out, but the reviews are very positive, and the price is very affordable.

    Here is an article that could maybe give you more ideas.

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    Jun 2012

    Re: Looking for a Case

    Hey, sorry for the late reply - looks like you posted on March 1st. Have you already picked a case? If so, which one (if you don't mind me asking).

    If you haven't, check out the Corsair Carbide 540 or the Rosewill Thor. The Thor is a gigantic case so it may be overkill. The 540 is shaped more like a crate but I like the dual compartment aspect.

    I guess you and I are a dying breed in that we want/like a 5.25" drive bay still. I still play my DVDs and I hate that I have to rip them on one computer so that I can play them on the computer with no disc drive.

    Hope this helps.

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