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    Aug 2014

    How long will it go..

    Ive had my 4790K for 3 years now and still going strong. Wondering how long before i will need to upgrade.

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    Jun 2012

    Re: How long will it go..

    Isn't it an amazing CPU!? It still competes fairly well against the Skylake and Kaby Lake CPUs, and if you OC it, I think it actually will edge them out in some of the benchmarks.

    When I got back into building, my intent was to build a new rig every two years, basically skip a generation between each build. My Nehalem (i7 875, 2.93GHz) was such a work horse and usually ran at turbo (3.6), I kept it for three years. Then I built my Haswell (i7 4770K, 3.5GHz) in August 2013 and I can't justify building a new one yet. I haven't run it OC'd, but I have a profile set up to boost it to 4.2 if I decide to do it and eek a little more life out of it.

    I will be building a Ryzen computer soon (look for the write up in the forums), but it's not my main rig. I just love my Haswell...probably next year will be the year though. Can't wait to feel the speed of an M.2 drive.
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    Nov 2005

    Re: How long will it go..

    I built my i7 4770 system in August 2013, and still haven't seen a need to upgrade, it even runs the Ultra High Res texture pack just fine, and shames Bethesda on their claim that you need an i7 5820 cpu to run that texture pack.

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