Running Xeon-1240.v2 & AMD 8350 systems under UBUNTU 16.04/Mate

FireFox v_52 browser update kills website midi-sound using *EMBED* tag. Yes I do prefer legacy coding style. GOOGLING indicated the *AUDIO* tag fails everywhere for *.mid files. So I switched from FFox_52 to recent PALE MOON and immediately was rewarded with the expected midi sound-files from my/all websites. BTW// recent Chrome browser also fails to express website midi-sound ... and sometimes gives the excuse that it cannot work with my system TIMIDITY midi-player: at least it apologized !! I didn't know TIMIDITY played from-the-web, but sounds like an obscure tekno issue not my concern; CHROME can go-fish to use what it needs. I've already paid my (opportunity) costs for free-as-beer SW and stuff just needs to work.