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    Sep 2007
    Hamilton, New Zealand

    Raspberry Pi Javascript function help

    Hi guys,

    I have built a web interface to control my garage door remote via a GPIO pin on my Raspberry Pi 3 following instructions from this forum post. WebIOPi is a framework in Python that controls GPIO pins. On top of this is a javascript script and a CSS style fed into an HTML page.
    Note I needed to patch the WebIOPi python script from here to make it compatible with the Pi 3.

    This works great, but now I want to add a magnetic reed switch to the door so that I can tell if the door is already open or not.

    I built a pull-down circuit for the magnetic reed switch copying this post.

    This is the current hardware setup (except the blue JD-VCC to VCC jumper is removed):

    I found a javascript from here that will read the GPIO pin and send raise it as an alert (pop-up box when the page is loaded/refreshed), and that works too, sending back '1' or a '0' depending on if the magnet is present. But I would prefer the notification just be a area on the screen that says 'open' or 'closed'.

    Can someone please help me with a bit of javascript that would enable this?
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