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Ya never have commented on this little ditty. You've been right all along, the election was rigged......
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You are simply being unreal with your denial of the russian impact on an election, seem to ignore what she said, and once again seem to see bad action during the primaries by a democrat that wasn't met with outrage by Bernie as a justification for denial of foreign nation attacking our citizens and actual election. I'm waiting to see if the trump administration worked with the foreign actors and favors were returned. Like for the brother of the secretary of 'education'. I swear, you guys go ranting on about 'gates' when they don't exist like the little boy who cried wolf. Where's the obama in this 'gate'? hahahahah, Donna, oh donna, donna , donna, donna.
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If the democrats rig an election it's standard operating procedure. Everybody expects it there's no surprise factor no big deal.

Notice how he still deftly tap dances around it.