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    Oct 2001

    Thumbs up Windows 10 Creators Edition Upgrade.

    So far, after 3 early installs of this upgrade, I am happy to report no issues. I started the installs from a link in the Windows update screen. Each machine took about 45 minutes and about 6 restarts to finish. It didn't fundamentally change anything I have set and even let you opt out of a lot of the telemetry settings with simple on/off switches. 2 installs were my own gaming PC's running Windows 10 Pro installs and 1 computer for delivery to a customer running Windows 10 Home. FWIW, it even left off all the crapps I had previously uninstalled and left Windows Classic Shell intact. I'll continue to dig around and report back if I discover any covert operations.

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    Jun 2017

    Re: Windows 10 Creators Edition Upgrade.

    I will wait for updates!
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