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    Oct 2009

    Question Ethernet problem.

    I have talked to my ISP Provider.
    The modem seems fine and all lights blinking.
    ARRIS Surfboard SB6141
    Windows 10 64bit Laptop.

    I uninstalled Ethernet driver and installed them.
    Checked the plug connections.
    Checked if everything had good connections.
    I took it to a repair shop which they plugged it in to their Ethernet cable and said that it is working fine plus another few other checks.
    I went in suspecting my Ethernet port was broken but the repair guy said that it is unlikely to be physically damage from what the repair show said.
    I do take care of my electronics but could not guess what the problem could possibly be.
    So the internet worked at the repair shopped when he plugged in the Ethernet cable in and said it is working fine, dont see a problem investigated more but found nothing.

    I went home and plugged Ethernet into the laptop to find that it suddenly works.
    I then had internet for 5 days only to have the same problem reoccur which was solved by going over to my friends house, plugging the Ethernet Cable in and then it worked.
    I saw the internet.
    I went home and again I have internet.

    What is going on with my connection?
    Why is this problem happening, and being able to be fixed like this?
    It makes no sense to me?

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    Feb 2004
    Janesville, Wi

    Re: Ethernet problem.

    So, let me get this have no means of DHCP addressing ?

    Meaning no router after the cable modem ?

    If you add a router, I suspect that your issues with losing connection will be resolved.

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    Oct 2001

    Re: Ethernet problem.

    Do you have any other computers that you can hardwire to your modem and see if it exhibits the same issues? It sounds like a routing issue either your modem is corrupting your DNS cache or your laptop has an issue with corrupting DNS cache or something along those lines. But we first have to establish if its the modem or your laptop and work from there. I don't know if a cell phone on the wireless access point on your modem is a valid test because it would be on a different routing section in your modem(WAP). So, we need to do a hardwired test with anther device if you can. My gut is telling me to eliminate the modem first, i've seen way to many fail sporadically to trust them after a couple years use where I live.

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