I found a bug , and a fix . I have to run Orgin for my new game .I would boot up, and for the first 10-15 seconds after the desktop comes up, none of my system tray programs start, I cannot open certain programs because of out of memory error codes, and things seem slightly to moderately sluggish.

So I went into services to see what was causing this. Didn't see anything specific (as I was assuming a Windows service was the culprit) After combing through a couple things, I noticed 2 Origin Services, both set to Automatic: Origin Client Service, and Origin Web Helper Service. So I tested both, and dammit if the Web Helper service wasn't the issue. Set it to Manual, and the problem goes away.
So I thought why do I even need this service so I uninstalled it
VIA windows comand promt
Open a command prompt. (Run a command prompt as Administrator in Windows vista/7/8)
copy and paste these comand lines into the comand prompt
sc stop "Origin Web Helper Service"
sc config "Origin Web Helper Service" start= disabled

I have since even uninstalled it and mass effect andromada runs fine

How to delete this service. copy and paste this into the comand prompt
sc delete "Origin Web Helper Service"