well I had to dive head long into a new motherboard for my 7600k . I was running a asus Z170e with a updated bios for the 7600k but it started not running strange . windows would hang when the intel lan was trying to connect . Sometimes it would run like a raped ape , and other times like a snail so I decided to go with the proper chipset for kabby lake and it paid off . I suspect that the old board just was not delivering the power correctly as it was rock solid with the skylake 6320
Anyway the board and the cpu has a new home , gave it away to a friend who has none .
I got this board and I am impressed

Boots super fast , great speed and has what I want and does not have what I do not need . Just a basic meat and potatoes board with a great price that well built , looks very good in my case with the red and black color scheme.
Good bios tweaking options and well laid out bios . runs my gskill memory perfecty which is more then the asus ever did
anyway just thought I would post and share
have a great day people !