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    is nvidia now copying MS telemetry crap and uploading data ? Updated

    I got to digging into the latest Geforce drivers 382.53 and found 2 things that disturb me , with the driver package NVidia is installing its version of telemetry , go to system services and check out " NVidia telemetry service "
    No open up a NVidia control panel , click "help" and see the "allow NVidia experience improvement program " box is checked to enable .
    I ran ccleaner and in the "startup" tab under tools more NVidia scheduled tasks . 3 to be exact ( I deleted them all)

    What ya doing here NVidia ? I would would like at least liked to be asked if I want to join in , not jammed down my throat

    I emailed NVidia about this as expected some generic response
    Thank you for contacting NVIDIA Customer Care.

    This is Kenny, assisting you in regards to your concern about the GFE telemetry service.

    GeForce Experience collects data to improve the application experience; this includes crash and bug reports as well as system information needed to deliver the correct drivers and optimal settings. NVIDIA does not share any personally identifiable information collected by GeForce Experience outside the company. NVIDIA may share aggregate-level data with select partners, but does not share user-level data. The nature of the information collected has remained consistent since the introduction of GeForce Experience 1.0. The change with GeForce Experience 3.0 is that this error reporting and data collection is now being done in real-time..
    end message
    from a google search

    What is aggregate information and data?

    "Data aggregation is any process in which information is gathered and expressed in a summary form, for purposes such as statistical analysis. A common aggregation purpose is to get more information about particular groups based on specific variables such as age, profession, or income."
    So their you go so I have to wonder what MS has started , 1st Microsoft started telemetry, now NVidia . what is next , your sound drivers ? Your chipset drivers ? where do we draw the line ?
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    Re: is nvidia now copying MS telemetry crap and uploading data ? Updated

    Don't load GeForce Experience? It's an option under manual loading of drivers. I don't, mostly because it annoys me. But I imagine all it does is report back to the mothership on which card you have and which driver. But compared to what Facepalm and Google have on you, it's trivial.

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