I am hoping the great master modders of PCPerspectives can help me here.

Ok the target

I have a Roland SP808, this is a music sampler that uses a Iomega 100mb ZipDrive which after awhile makes a annoying whining sound.

The plan

The 808 needs and ejectable atapi device such as the Zipdrive I want to replace with CF reader.
I was thinking of leaving the zipdrive in the 808 but removing the motor guts, leaving the circuit board(which has the atapi controller on it),then figuring out the pin outs run jumpers from the cf reader to the 808.

My only fear is if the zipdrive circuit board has some kind of sensor in it that will output an error if it detects there is no motor

Any ideas if my plan sound feasible. I have a spare zipdrive and cf reader at a total cost of $13