The Democrats' IT Scandal

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When I asked DoJ prosecutor J.P. Cooney why the government made this odd deal when it clearly had Imran cold on the bank fraud charge, especially given that it didn't get anything in return, he just smiled and waved me away, as if it was all a big joke.

The court scene didn't just smell like a cover-up by the establishment; it reeked of corruption in Congress and the DoJ. This is clearly a political deal arranged to protect the establishment from further embarrassment and reform.

Real court scenes (when he pleaded guilty, Imran Awan waived his right to a trial by jury), possible depositions of House staffers and members of Congress, and the investigations that would take place if the DoJ did pursue additional charges would have necessarily dug into a lot of things the Washington establishment would rather not deal with publicly. It also would have forced investigators to follow the trail to Pakistan something the U.S. intelligence community would rather avoid.

The deal also gave the many mainstream media members who had downplayed and ignored this case (a few sources told me they'd brought detailed information to the Washington Post but that the Post ignored the information) cover and a reason to thumb their noses at the few media members who'd done serious work on this case.

It is unclear how this deal was struck inside the DoJ. Cooney, who managed the plea deal hearing, had just been put on this case a few days before. The previous DoJ attorney, Michael Marando, wasn't even in the courtroom.

If President Trump really does want to drain the swamp and he has tweeted about this case many times and even called Imran Awan the "Pakistani mystery man" then his administration should demand an investigation by the Office of Inspector General into how this plea deal was made. The I.G. should also look into what actually happened in Congress.
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Whole lotta not good...