I'm looking at getting 8-10 CoolerMaster MasterFan Pro RGB fans to make my computer nice and gaudy. I want to sync all of this through Asus Aura, which is why I'm pretty set on this fan series. The only other option I am aware of is the Akasa Vegas x7 RGB fan, and I don't like the look of that one as much as I do the CM fan(s).

The case in question is: www.anidees.com/ai-crystal/ai-crystal-l

I'm cooling an i7-7700k with a Corsair h100i and an ASUS Strix 1080ti.

I currently have 7 fans in the case:

2x 140mm intake for the main chamber
4x 120mm exhaust for the top (2 through the radiator in the main chamber, 2 through the side chamber)
1x 120mm exhaust in the rear of the main chamber.

I'm planning on replacing all fans and getting more for:

2x 140mm intake for the main chamber or 4x 120mm intake for both chambers
4x 120mm exhaust for the top
1x 120mm exhaust in the rear
1x 120mm intake on the bottom

Assuming this is the best configuration for the fans and radiator (because damn there are a lot of differing opinions), which configuration should I go with, and which fans in the series should I use? My thoughts are to go with the 4x 120mm in the front because it would look silly with only half of the front lit up and synced. As far as I'm aware, going with 140mm would only be preferable for noise, and after running two cards in crossfire for a long time, this is already much quieter.

The Cooler Master Pro RGB fans come in 3 varieties, Air Pressure, Air Balance, and Air Flow. The Cooler Master site and reviews don't agree on the use cases of some of these fans. The general consensus seems to be that Air Flow should be used for bottom intake and for exhaust but not for the radiator. Air Pressure should be used for the Radiator, even though it's exhausting air. The confusion seems to be with intake. Cooler Master is recommending the Air Pressure for the front intake while some reviews are recommending the Air Flow. Which would be the best choice? I'm assuming Air Balance isn't even an option here as if I'm spending stupid amounts of money on lighty-up fans, I might as well get ones that are specifically designed for their place in the case.

I can take pictures if absolutely necessary, but I haven't spent a lot of time on cable management because I didn't have the fans, and I'm also looking into getting custom sleeved cables.