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    Apr 2012
    montreal, canada

    My PM01 BUILD!!!!!!!

    So I know it's been a while since last vLAN, and I've been SUPER busy at work with very little time to do my new build let alone post pics. but 3 weeks ago I finaly did the build, and this morning I snapped a few pics. Sorry for the lowish quality, my camera kinda sucks.

    Here she is from the front, the lights can pulsate with one button click.

    Side view, so very hard to get a good shot, it's so shiny It kept reflecting me like I was taking a mirror selfie.

    Here we have the snakey mess that is the back, all in all considering I have a 850w 80plus gold NON MODULAR powersuply (seemed like a good idea 4 years ago, forgive me) It's not that bad.

    And finnaly the actual build. Lights off.

    Inside I have a FX 8370 on a MSI 970 gaming board, both of which were gifts from Sam over at AMD, cooled by a CoolerMaster 212 evo, 16gb CORSAIR Vengeance (4x4) 1600 ddr3, Sapphire RX 560 4gb OC edition at 1300, One PNY gaming edition 240gb ssd, One Samsung 840 120gb ssd, 4gb Seagate BarraCuda spinning rust AND YES!!!! that is Boba Fett sitting inside.

    After almost 25 years of pc building, starting with a young teen making every possible mistake swapping his 286 board for a shiny new 386, this is the sexiest build I have ever done. I love to just look at it, the almost total lack of cables makes me giddy, the air flow is so unbelievably good I've got everything overclocked 5-10% (even the ram) and the gpu/cpu fans still spin at min. It's whisper quiet.

    Boba on the other-hand has been sitting ontop of every main pc I've ever owned (since the late 90's anyways) , he keeps the house safe from rhinos, but with the curve of this case he cant fit. My wife suggested to mod it with a base of some kind, but I think he looks sexy as •••• inside, specialy in the dark of night with the red LED's on pulsate.

    And the fact that it's red, oh shit son, I've been on team red ever since someone told me "It's called a 5x86, it's as good as the new pentiums but it'll fit in your 486 socket"

    Super big thanks to PCPER for the giveaway (I have Ryan's signature on the shipping order... I think.... it's kinda chicken scratch, just like mine), to the FRAGING FROGS and especially Lenny for the vLANs, for this is the kind of luxury I would have never bought for myself and without you I would never have the pleasure of showing off this piece of PC PORN to all my geek friends, and just salivate over it my self.

    See y'all at vLAN #16. That shit's gona be off the hook

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