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    Aug 2017

    PC build for World of Warcraft

    So my mother has tasked me to build her a pc that can play WoW smoothly among other things but WoW will probably be the hardest thing the pc will ever have to run.

    I am unsure how good of a computer you need to run something like Wow, im assuming nothing to fancy. I was looking at the low end build in the HW leaderboards. Would this build be sufficient for its purpose?

    Max budget for the build would be 700-800 CAD. I would also need to include the case and OS in this budget, excluding any peripherals.

    Thanks for your time and help!

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    Aug 2001

    Re: PC build for World of Warcraft

    Last year I built a couple systems specifically for running WoW, and used AMD APUs. The last one was an A10-7860K, which I built in Nov. 2016. It's perfectly adequate to run WoW at 1080p, and I'm guessing will be fine for years to come with, with a GPU upgrade at most.

    The math has changed a lot since then, though. The Ryzen 3 + RX 560 on the leaderboard build has significant performance gains over an APU. Don't forget the price of the operating system.
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