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    Aug 2017

    Roll Eyes Donate old motherboards?

    I live in Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi. I'm wondering if some you guys might have an old motherboard to donate because the VGA port on my HP Pavilion a1243w broke, and there's no other way I can use it. I have owned it since 2007 and it's been through several upgrades before. I don't have a couple hundred bucks and not willing to shop online for a new or refurbished motherboard. Sheesh, I would rather find an old outdated one. Specs are as follows, but I'm not really sure if I have to provide them.

    HP Pavilion a1243w
    Windows XP Media center edition
    LGA775 Socket on a RC410 Motherboard.
    HIPRO power supply.
    Seagate Barracuda Hard drive.
    Only upgrades were a floppy drive and a Seagate Momentus
    hard drive that came out of my old Win-2000 PC.
    Motherboard on that one's dead, so a no-go.
    All is well till the VGA port broke as I said above, and I don't think money can buy an obsolete motherboard, And the nearest recycling center is too far from where I live. Anyone on here ship one for free?
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    Re: Donate old motherboards?

    Do you have an open PCI-E slot to add a stand alone video card? Looking at the pictures it would be the long black slot.
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