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    Apr 2016

    Helping choose an NVMe SSD

    I'm not sure what to choose. I'm in the market for an upgrade of the SM951 256GB for a late 2016 Razer Blade. I need to go to 512GB. I mainly surf the web and play Cities Skylines, GTA V, Crysis 3, Battlefront.

    Right now I can find WD Black and Intel 600p for the same price, CAD $250.

    Otherwise, should I shed 50$ more and go for the 960 EVO? Is it really worth it?


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    Jun 2012

    Re: Helping choose an NVMe SSD

    Well, the 960 EVO is the best performer. Keep in mind that all of these are fast, so it would be unlikely that you would notice, the differences are probably measured in fraction of seconds, or a few seconds. But let's take a look:

    WD Black 512GB ($200):
    • Max Sequential read: 2050MBps
    • Max Sequential write: 800 MBps
    • Max 4KB Random Read: 170,000 IOPS
    • Max 4KB Random Write: 134,000 IOPS

    Intel 600p 512 GB ($235):
    • Max Sequential read: 1775 MBps
    • Max Sequential write: 560 MBps
    • Max 4KB Random Read: 128,500 IOPS
    • Max 4KB Random Write: 128,000 IOPS

    960 EVO 500GB ($240):
    • Max Sequential read: 3200 MBps
    • Max Sequential write: 1800 MBps
    • Max 4KB Random Read: 330,000 IOPS
    • Max 4KB Random Write: 330,000 IOPS

    Keep in mind, the EVO is kind of the benchmark for the SSD market. It's a solid performer and dependable. Any premium on the price is because you're paying for the performance, quality and peace of mind.

    I hope this helps.
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    Nov 2005

    Re: Helping choose an NVMe SSD

    I personally would go with Samsung, I bought a Samsung 850 EVO 250 2.5 inch SSD, and it performs better and is far faster than my old Crucial 128GB boot SSD.

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    Jun 2015

    Re: Helping choose an NVMe SSD

    960 evo 500gb ($240)

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