Starting from 2011, MSI had been serious about the gaming market and studied the field for years.
As long as it’s been through, as much as it can get for the brand awareness and richness in product lines.
GT series is mainly for high-end extreme performance position while GE series is taking the mainstream line.
The one which personally appreciated is the GS series, packed with high performance hardware but made with slim-shape looking.

This time we would like to share the review for new coming MSI GS63VR 7RG Stealth Pro.
The dimension is 380x249x17.7mm, weight is around 1.89kgw.
By packing the latest Max-Q Nvidia GPU, thickness of GS63VR’s is below 18mm to fit the regulation.
It’s hard to believe it belongs to high performance position by its slim shape in 15.6 inch laptops.

Let’s take a look at the A cover, it’s made by brush metal and aligned with dual muscle lines like the racing car’s hood to enforce its speedy scene.
Still remembering the sharing of GS70 in 2004, the design only appeared to flat one.
In addition, I am highly appreciated this colorful picture with shinning sunshine on the GS63VR.

Let’s check the dragon logo plate on the A side, it’s been made by Corning 8H glass and modified little bit by removing the black “Gaming G Series” wording.
It glows during the booting and seems more elegant than previous design.

Then we check the B side which is surrounding the LCD.
Above the screen area will find the 720P 30fps webcam, with dual digital microphone aside.
This matte 15.6 LCD panel here is featuring 120Hz/3ms with 94% NTSC color gamut.

Black brush metal is surrounding the keyboard area, we can say the design idea of C side is same as A side.
The Steelseries RGB gaming keyboard, as usual, have been adopted to MSI high-end laptops with Silver-Lining Print.
When there is request to change the color scenario, you have to use the Steelseries Engine software to handle it.
The tactile has been evolved and feels better than previous generation.
The left-right click on touch pad have been form as one piece, surrounded the red diamond cut design to show its elegancy.
Right hand side of the touch pad would be the feature stickers to show those main features and technology of GS63VR.

Front of the C side set 7 red indicating lights,
starting from the left which are “Sleep”, ”Storage access”, “Numpad”, “Caps lock”, “Blue tooth”, “Wi-Fi”, and “Battery”.
A slightly change of the power button,
which had been moved to the edge of C side since last year, it will be initiated by pressing deeply more than one second to prevent the booting of accidentally touch.

One of the advantages of GS63VR is the 180 degree of the flip angle.
The tiny holes on the upper area of C side are designed for air flow, not the space for speaker sound.
And there is LED indicator in the middle to show the figure of power button, looks special while booting and experiencing it.

Right hand side of the machine can see the IO area,
from the left hand side which are power button \ USB2.0 \ Thunderbolt 3(usb3.1) \ HDMI \ mini DisplayPort \ power connector.

IO on the left hand side of the machine,
starting from the left which are Kensington lock \ RJ45 connector \ SD card reader (XC/HC) \ USB 3.0 x3
Gold plated audio hole for 3.5mm Hi-Fi headset and microphone, especially the headset supports ESS SABRE HIFI technology.