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    Sep 2017

    2 motherboards 1 case??

    Hello I'm new here and i was wondering where i could get a case that i could put 2 motherboards and all following components that correspond to their perspective motherboards all under 1 roof.

    I'm not sure on what kind of motherboards i have but all i know is the models of computers that i have.

    I'm currently running on a Dell XPS 8700, running windows 10.

    The second computer I would like to put into the case is a Dell Studio D540, running windows 7.

    I am wondering if i would be able to put these two computers guts and brains into 1 case. The reasoning behind this is i have a very small office and i have ran out of room to have 2 computer towers just sitting out in the open. I have the windows 7 computer for running devices and some programs that i use for projects that aren't supported for windows 10.

    If anymore information is needed please let me know and ill get back to you as soon as i can.

    Thanks in advance hope to get some positive responses and feedback.

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    Feb 2004
    Janesville, Wi

    Re: 2 motherboards 1 case??

    Welcome to the forums.

    Something like this would work, but you would need to verify the form factors of the motherboards that you have

    If you need a dual ATX sized case, then you are probably looking at 400 bucks plus for the case alone.

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