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    Sep 2017

    Asus Maximus IX Code

    Forgive the possible dumb question but new builder here.

    I'm leaning towards this mobo and I see that it only has 1 internal USB 2.0 header. There's USB 2.0 ports on my case, and the NZXT x62 cooler requires USB 2.0.

    Is my solution as simple as getting the NZXT internal USB hub, connecting the hub to the single internal 2.0 header on the mobo then connecting the case and cooler to the hub? Any complications I should be aware of?

    Thank you

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    Jun 2012

    Re: Asus Maximus IX Code

    I think the ROG_EXT connector in the middle-bottom of the board is part USB header so you should be able to use that as you AIO cooler connector.

    I believe the NZXT internal hub will work if the USB connector is for power only. If the AIO is using the header to also manage RGB lighting, then you may not get that functionality.

    I think the hub is to provide power only but I don't know since I haven't used it. May want to look into.

    Hope this helps.

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