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    Oct 2001

    Resolved Having to restart twice to get Windows 10 to boot to desktop?

    There is a double boot issue with some Windows 10 machines. I've uncovered this on 2 computers so far and there is a simple fix. It seems the quick boot option leaves some garbage in RAM and causes the boot to hang until you hit reset and try again. I've tried flashing BIOS and updating drivers but to no avail until I found a couple of articles on this issue. Go into Power Saving Options and click on the link that says "Choose what the Power Buttons Do" and then click on link that says "change settings that are currently unviable" then uncheck the box that says "turn on fast startup" and save. This should now reset all the contents of RAM on first starts and reboots and should help quite a bit.

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    Apr 2012
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    Re: Having to restart twice to get Windows 10 to boot to desktop?

    Ive been running into a similar problem on one of my win 10 systems. Itll post, then shut down. One more power click, boot as normal. Hapens only once every 3 or 4 days and its not that annoying so i just deal.

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