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Thread: CPU upgrading

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    Aug 2014

    CPU upgrading

    Just wondering, how often does everyone upgrade their CPU?

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    Jun 2002
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    Re: CPU upgrading

    Well I went from a Q6600 to a Q9550 then to an i7-2700k which I'm still using. I only upgrade when my current cpu can't handle the tasks I need to accomplish or I run across a great deal that I can't pass up. The only reason I'm even considering a cpu upgrade is for platform upgrades on the motherboard. While I can add an NVME drive via a PCI-E slot card, you can't boot from it on Sandy/Ivy Bridge hardware.
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    Nov 2005

    Re: CPU upgrading

    I haven't upgraded my cpu/motherboard since August 2013, when I built my i7 4770 system, and it's still going, and running everything out there just fine. I'm looking at getting a PCI Express to mSata card and then adding a Samsung 850 EVO mSata drive to my system. My Samsung 850 EVO SSD is really fast, but I can only guess as to how fast that drive in mSata form would be, and yes there are mSata SSD's on the market.

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