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    Feb 2014

    Looking to upgrade

    Hey guys,

    I am finally going to replace my aging Sapphire Dual X 7970 OC card.

    I am staying AMD as I want to go FreeSync.

    I want to go Freesync2 but currently those monitors are too expensive and too few so I am thinking about going with a stepping stone approach. Something like a RX 580 and a newer 2560x1080 or 2560x1440 Freesync display until Navi and the newer Freesync2 HDR displays flood the market and drop in price.


    Recommendations on cards? I dont want to spend a lot of money but want to make sure I have 8GB of VRAM.

    I have considered staying with Sapphire but they tend to be on the expensive side still. I hear good things about XFX and Gigabyte these days.

    Thoughts on the monitor?

    This is what I was looking at:

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    Jun 2017

    Re: Looking to upgrade

    I'm having a problem too. I want to upgrade my R9 390x GPU to another one. Right now I can't max out Witcher 3 and I want to play it on ultra with hairworks on. Back to your question. It's really hard right now to purchase an Rx Vega 56 at it's recommended price. Which is why I'm giving up on that. I can't afford the current prices for the rx vega 64 or 56. So I'm going nvidia.

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    Jun 2012

    Re: Looking to upgrade

    Right now, GPUs, especially AMD, are way overpriced for their performance.

    If you want 8GB of VRAM, the 570 is your starting point, which is a decent card for 1920x1080 but probably lacks the horsepower for the monitor resolutions listed. 580 is incrementally better but you'll most likely need Vega 56 for the highest settings.

    On the plus side, if the monitor has a low FPS freesync range, then you might be able to squeak by with the 570/580 until prices normalize.

    Hope this helps.

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