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    Sep 2001
    Toronto, CANADA

    i5-2500K crashes on ordinary use

    For years, my system was stable but in the last month it crashes under specific cases.

    I have an i-5 2500K overclocked to 105x 4 (4.2Ghz). O/C never had a problem until now.
    1) I opened chrome + website that loaded a 360 view of a car on 5-6 tabs open maximum.
    2) foobar playing music concurently.

    Computer crashed and froze. How should I diagnose the problem? If it still crashes after returning to stock speed how do I troubleshoot?

    Crashed under Windows 10 and 2) updated to creators update and still random crashes.

    I also ran a crystalmark benchmark. When it got to the graphics card (which is integrated) testing, the computer froze.
    Intel E6750 C2D
    400x8 (3.2GHz) 32C idle/58C Load @ stock 1.31V/HSF | Gigabyte DS3R Rev 1 bios F13 | OCZ XTC Rev 2 @4-4-4-15 | Antec Sonata 3 500W | Palit 8800GT driver v.169.21 | WD 500GB | 22" 226BW | Logitech x-540 5.1

    AMD64 (754) 3000+ @2GHz |
    | ASUS K8N-E DLX BIOS 1.11 | 512x 2 OCZ Premier DDR400 2.5-3-3-7 | Antec Sonata 380W | 9600 Pro 128MB | 19" 930B

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    Feb 2004
    Janesville, Wi

    Re: i5-2500K crashes on ordinary use

    What are the temps like ?

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    Dec 2017

    Re: i5-2500K crashes on ordinary use

    It sounds like a temperature issue. How long has it been since you last replaced the thermal and cleaned the case?

    You can also try booting up on safe mode and see if it still crashes, just to eliminate possible software conflicts, though it doesn't seem like it. It can't hurt to check.

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    Jun 2012

    Re: i5-2500K crashes on ordinary use

    I was thinking the same thing - clean out the computer real well, including the fans, CPU coolers, and reapplying the thermal paste.

    Hope this helps.

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