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    Dec 2017

    Why do manufactures use a small mSSD for the C drive

    My laptop came with a small mSSD as the boot "C" drive at 128Gb and a 1Tb HHD, once I received it and started using the laptop I noticed that my "C" drive was getting full @ 128Gb. So I bought a 1Tb SSD to replace the HHD and it was hell to get my system to boot to it. Anyone else have this issue? When will they manufacture a 1Tb mSSD?

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    Nov 2005

    Re: Why do manufactures use a small mSSD for the C drive

    M.2 SSD's are meant to be a boot drive. What it amounts to is that the manufacturer of your laptop, loaded that 128GB M.2 SSD with a lot of bloatware, and what should have happened, is that you should have taken it too a computer shop, and spent the money to have them remove all the bloatware that you don't need, rather than run out and buy a new M.2 SSD. It stinks that laptop manufacturers do this. By putting in the new SSD for a boot drive and using the restore discs, you are essentially right back at square one, as the new drive will eventually be loaded with bloatware.

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