Hi, I am new to this forum and hope you may have the answer for me.
I just bought a new 8700k and Gigabyte auros gaming 5 motherboard. In stock configuration it should go up to 4.7 Ghz when only a single core is being utilized, 4.6 when 2 cores are utilized, 4.5 when 3 or 4 cores... and so on until you get 4.3 when all 6 cored are active.
But my 8700k decide to not go above 4.3 in any case, no matter the number of cores stressed at a given time. I run HWmonitor to keep eye on things and it shows only max of 4.3 Ghz frequency at all times.
The temps are pretty good (30c idle, 50c gaming) and I have enough juice (850w seasonic psu).
I don't overclock and kept all the bios settings on default (Auto). In the "advanced frequency settings" the turbo boost technology is on auto and all the ratios are set to intel specs.
Just for fun I tried to enable "multicore enhancement" just to see if it can get to 4.7 and it did. So I guess there is nothing wrong with the cpu itself. But I still don't understand why the 8700k won't boost to frequencies higher than 4.3 when the conditions allow?

I emailed intel and the response I got:

"Indeed the processor is capable to reach 4.7 GHz when it needs to, it does not necessarily need to be constantly working at this frequency. The fact that your processor is not reaching this frequency does not mean that it is broken or that you are missing something, it is just that it does not need to reach it; it will only work at the frequency that it needs to cover the tasks you are running, in this case 4.3 GHz."

But this sound a little odd to me.. so the cpu think that it "needs" 4.3 Ghz, and not 4.4? or 4.5?
And why wouldn't it stop at 2.3? or 3GHZ? It still decided to go up to 4.3 but stays there.

Any advice?