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    May 2014

    How do Integrated & discrete GPUs work together in Multi-Monitor Setups?


    I just reconfigured the Multimonitor Setup on my Desktop PC (Windows 10, i5-4690k, 16GB RAM, GTX 960 4GB, Gigabyte GA-Z97MX-Gaming 5) to use the onboard Intel Integrated Graphics together with my GTX960. I'm using an old VGA monitor as a second display and also an HDMI converter box so that I can continue using my old tube TV (don't ask). My primary monitor is still plugged into my GTX960 via Display Port while my secondary screens are plugged into the onboard GPU.

    I did this change because I often use my second monitor to watch a video on youtube or with my media player (Zoom Player) while I play games on my main screen and sometimes either the game or the video would hitch or crash or the game would stutter when everything was plugged into my GTX960. That problem seems to be solved when I plug my second screen into my onboard GPU. Just out of curiosity I tried switching a game to windowed mode and switching it back to fullscreen on my second screen and to my suprise it still worked and performance didn't suffer so I guess the processing still happened on my GTX 960.

    Now, I wonder: With a multi monitor setup like this, how is the processing devided between the GTX960 and the Intel Integrated graphics or in short: Which GPU does what?
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