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    Feb 2018

    Looking to upgrade, partial to intel/nvida

    Hi guys this is my first post.
    I originally came here to look at the hw leaderboards for suggestions on my next build but was disappointed that it was all amd stuff.

    I play mostly wow these days tho I would like to be somewhat future proof as i do like to dabble in the latest games sometimes. Currently im running a really old AMD A10-7870k Radeon R7 with 8gb of ram. It runs wow 'ok' on medium to low settings i get average 20 fps in raids, 50+ outside main cities, except stage 4 argus it sometimes drops sub 10fps, ouch. I purchased a evga gtx 1050 ti and saw about 10-15 fps improvement and figured it was my cpu bottleneck holding me back from true performance boost so i returned it.

    I'm looking to upgrade to an i5 8400 with maybe a evga 1050ti or possibly 1070 ti. I'm not too shy towards the 8700k either i just dont know anything about which water cooling brand would be best for it. Also overclocking was always pretty foreign for me. Maybe y'all can que me in on those bits.

    My main questions is which motherboard,ram,power supply do you recommend? Is the asus mobo camp still quite strong? Has msi caught up? What about the other brands? Is the corsair vengence ram just as good for intel as it is for ryzen or is there another better more compatible option for intel processors? What about which ram speed should i purchase for best performance? I don't plan on running sli or anything crazy just want some decent futureproofing.

    My current psu is a modular evga 850, will that suffice? Also my current monitor is an asus 1080p at 144hz, not sure if 2k resolution 144hz gaming monitor is worth it right now?? As for budget wise it depends on how pissed off i want to make my mom lol. Just got my $3000 tax refund and she said to not blow it all on 'stupid stuff'. :P

    p.s my current case is the corsair vengence c70 in military green i love it but, the front pop out is quite flimsy and banged up from me accidentally walking into it so many times throughout the years. It's mended together by gorilla tape for that more rugged look Anyways id like a case that has its own psu compartment shield cover for that sleek clean look and to keep the dust off. Not really into rgb as my pc is next to my bed and I already have enough to keep me up at night. Something sleek clean subtle even a lil sexy cool would be fine
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    Jun 2017

    Re: Looking to upgrade, partial to intel/nvida

    If you're gaming at 1080 144hz, you should buy the 1070ti {or 980ti if you can't find a reasonably priced one. Also either a i5 8400 or i7 8700k {depends on frame rates you want and if you plan to play all games on ultra}. If you own up to six USB devices, then I would suggest the Z370 MSI Carbon Pro. Hope this helps.

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