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    Jul 2005
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    How To Create .Bat Script to Del & Copy & Replace for any PC directory location?

    I'm trying to create a simple install .bat file for Fallout 4 config files...

    Need to replace the Fallout4_Default.ini within the Fallout 4 root directory on any PC...
    Then need to replace Fallout4_Prefs.ini to Documents\My Games\Fallout4\
    Also need to Delete Fallout4.ini in the Documents\My Games\Fallout4\

    Can someone correct this so that it can point to only where that directory location exists if its going to be for all people PC, so different Users for Documents & Also where ever the directory is for the root of Fallout 4?

    I thought \%\ is like a smart command to find where ever drive letter / user its in, does that makes sense? I need it to like find the folders to get the job done through a smart script that can detect the directory location of their \Documents\My Games\Fallout4\ & their \Fallout 4\ root...

    del Fallout4_Default.ini \%\Fallout 4\
    copy Fallout4_Default.ini \%\Fallout 4\
    del \%\My Games\Fallout4\ Fallout4.ini
    copy FalloutPrefs.ini \%\My Games\Fallout4\

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