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    Feb 2018

    Optane 32GB stick really 120GB?

    First off, I want to thank Allyn Malventano for his efforts to ensure storage benchmarks reflect real world usage scenarios.

    This article appeared in my Google feed:

    You'll have to register to see the full web version. Basically, it claims that the Optane sticks currently selling as 16/32GB have the same chips as the forthcoming 60/120GB sticks. But the new sticks have the memory enabled as 4bits/cell. Interesting conjecture.
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    Feb 2018

    Re: Optane 32GB stick really 120GB?

    This (from the review) seems to contradict the conjecture:

    I pulled the labels off of all four devices for a closer look. PCB layout is mostly identical save some slight rearranging of components that used to be on the back edge. Also worth noting was that the Optane Memory parts came with a copper layer embedded into their label, while the 800P had a standard label with no need for a copper layer. Part numbers of the media packages are as follows:

    16GB: 1x 29P16B1BLDNF2 (1 die in 1 package)
    32GB: 2x 29P16B1CLDNF2 (1 die per package)
    58GB: 2x 29P32B1AMDNF2 (2 dies per package)
    118GB: 2x 29P64B2AMDNF2 (4 dies per package)

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