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    Mar 2018
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    Handheld Ethernet Speed Test Checking Device?

    Hello Members This is my first post in the forums and hope this is the best place for my question.

    I work as a Broadband Tech for local cable company which has recently expanded its speeds to 300 Mbs and accurate testing has become a big problem as late. Many techs do not have access to GBE enabled laptops for testing so my question is : Are there any non tablet laptop devices the industry uses for just testing speeds on RJ45 ports?

    I had hoped there was some kind of USB-C to RJ45 dock that could be used with a smartphone or something I have hard time believing something like this does not exist somewhere?

    Ty, Frostyside
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    Re: Handheld Ethernet Speed Test Checking Device?

    It might be worth a try:

    I haven't heard anything about real-world speeds through Ethernet adapters on mobile devices, but my hunch is they won't be very reliable for testing purposes. It seems pretty common for laptops to top out in the 600-850mbps range, depending on driver and hardware combinations, and I just can't see mobile devices reliably performing that well. It sounds like your employer needs to update their field laptops.
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