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    Jun 2008

    Are Windows 10 recovery drives re-usable?

    I have 5 Windows 10 computers in my house and I haven't created a backup USB recovery drive for any of them. I was planning to do this soon in case I run into issues but I have a few questions:

    1) Do I need to create a recovery drive from each of my computers or can I create just one drive which can be used on any computer?
    2) How can I use my recovery drive to re-install from scratch (e.g. if I purchased a new HDD)?
    3) How or where to I backup my Windows license along with the recovery drive? Do I even need to do that or does it get encoded in the recovery drive?


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    Oct 2001

    Re: Are Windows 10 recovery drives re-usable?

    If all the computers are OEM - Dell, HP, etc. the key is burned into the BIOS so when you reload windows it will always match the key version. You could make backup copies of the keys using Key finder thing/magic jelly bean if you wish on custom builds for sure, but OEMs that is up to you.
    Use MS Windows USB/DVD creation too and you can make different OS flash drives if you have a homogenous Windows - Home and Pro. Sometimes I have seen the tool make a universal disk that will install any version you select, just make sure the key will activate it.

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