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Thread: Lenny.

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    Apr 2012
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    So it's been quite a while since vLan and and it's been forever since I've seen a "Game of the Month" poll, so I wonder, is Lenny ok? Does anyone {who still checks the threads} know what's up? Is he just busy? Did he loose interest in this place? Or, hopefully not, did something happen to him or someone close? Just concerned.

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    Jun 2001
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    Re: Lenny.

    Hey collie. Thanks for thinking of me. I'm just fine. Sorry I haven't been around. Since the last VLAN I really haven't been doing much PC stuff, not really much online at all, no Twitter, haven't even been gaming. I've just been busy in real life with work and family. That's been my focus and its pulled me away from all the other stuff. Regarding the GOTM poll we just decided to stop doing them because participation was low. I don't know when the next VLAN will be but remember that the other Frogs still play regularly on TeamSpeak, just not me.
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