Recently I put in a usb3 card and i believe i put in the molex cable incorrectly i know right what a noob, and in the process i killed a flash drive and an external right haha.

the flash drive is no biggie, but the my external has some data i need and its not backed up, i know how can you not backup your data right!!! i know lesson learned. now the drive wont turn on, spin or anything, prior to this was working just fine no issue.

the PCB has a slight burnt smell, so i unscrewed it and discovered i burnt a chip or something on the pcb board. so my question realistically if i find an exact pcb board match is there any chance the drive will turn back on and or be able to recover my data? i searched ebay and some other sites and the board is from anywhere $50.00 to $85.00 depending on the seller.

BTW its a 2TB external 2.5 drive ST2000LM003