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    Apr 2016

    Side panel dual fan configuration

    I have a Sharkoon VS4-S case.

    The case comes with a single 120mm fan, I've outfitted it with additional 2x 120mm fans.
    Now the case has the following fans:
    • 2x 120mm front intake fans
    • 1x 120mm back exhaust fan
    • 2x 120mm side panel fan slots, empty for now

    The side panel fan slots are placed so that the top fan slot is right against my CPU cooler (Arctic Freezer A11, have enough clearance), and the bottom one is right against my GPU (Gigabyte GTX 660 Ti).

    My question is this: given I have these two empty slots, what is the optimal fan intake/exhaust configuration?
    I guess the top one (CPU chamber) should be intake for additional fresh air and more positive air pressure.
    For the bottom (GPU chamber), maybe exhaust? This will take out the hot air out of the case ASAP. Or is another intake for fresh air will be better? But this will make it 4x intake fans vs single exhaust. Is this OK?
    Thanks in advance.
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