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    When should you replace a power supply?

    I've had a Seasonic X650 since 2010 and it's been an absolute rockstar. I've had absolutely no issues with it up to this point in 2018, but am wondering if I'm running any risks by keeping an aging power supply in my PC many years past the warranty. I'm thinking when this thing dies, I'm not too worried of my PC exploding since it's a very high quality brand. :P


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    Re: When should you replace a power supply?

    In my experience when PSU's die they take the rest of the system with them. The best way to make sure your psu is still good is to use a voltmeter while the cpu and gpu is under load. The rails should be within 5% of spec. Also you can pop the cover off the psu and look at the condition of the caps that are inside. Bulging leaking caps are no good.

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    Re: When should you replace a power supply?

    I've had several PSUs die, usually they start failing intermittently - random restarts, have to push power button a few times. Oftentimes, it "looks" like the mobo has failed because case fans will still spin.

    I've never had a PSU destroy the rest of the system (or any part for that matter), but it's possible it could damage the mobo. I always keep one on hand, I usually buy them when I see a good deal and keep it for later.

    Seasonic is a great brand and based on your signature, I think you're well within the 650, probably pulling 450-500 max. Personally, I would continue using it without worry. If you're absolutely paranoid, replace it with a 750W and keep on truckin'

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: When should you replace a power supply?

    The AX1200i I purchased received an extension of warranty recently to 10 years, so I'll replace it whenever it starts showing issues or perhaps if that warranty runs out; but I can't imagine having to worry even if it does die, the issues shouldn't extend outside of the PSU I'd hope at this level.
    Otherwise, why replace it? I chose what seems overkill but for reasons including digital control inside and it has been excellent, I didn't even know I'd blown GPU VRMs once due to it shutting off so quickly. I found out later when the other PSU I tested with made some nice electrical smoke.

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