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    When should you replace a power supply?

    I've had a Seasonic X650 since 2010 and it's been an absolute rockstar. I've had absolutely no issues with it up to this point in 2018, but am wondering if I'm running any risks by keeping an aging power supply in my PC many years past the warranty. I'm thinking when this thing dies, I'm not too worried of my PC exploding since it's a very high quality brand. :P


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    Re: When should you replace a power supply?

    In my experience when PSU's die they take the rest of the system with them. The best way to make sure your psu is still good is to use a voltmeter while the cpu and gpu is under load. The rails should be within 5% of spec. Also you can pop the cover off the psu and look at the condition of the caps that are inside. Bulging leaking caps are no good.

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