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    May 2018

    Is it annoying to use 1080p & 4K monitors at the same time?

    I normally have 3-4 1080p LED screens that I work on. I am tempted to upgrade one of them to a nice 4K, but I'm worried about having my main screen at one resolution and the others at 1080p. Has anyone done this and have an opinion/feedback?

    Also, how are ASUS 4K monitors compared to others?

    Thanks for the assistance!

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    Dec 2016
    New York

    Re: Is it annoying to use 1080p & 4K monitors at the same time?

    Yes, this is quite normal. I have seen many programmers and content creators that use multiple monitor setup and they usually place the main monitor in the center, i.e. their fully equipped monitor atleast for their requirements. If I were to use a multiple monitor setup, then I would probably buy monitors with same screen size, whether it be 4K, 1080p, or 1440p. There won't be any major difference in visibility to a clean eye. However, if you move closer then you may notice pixelated texts and images due to lower pixel density on the 1080p one.

    Yes, ASUS 4K monitors are pretty good and appropriately priced. Just make sure that the monitor is backed by an IPS panel that is good at color reproductions.

    I would also recommend you to look at the LG 4K monitors as I have seen they are widely used by professionals.

    Here's my recommendation for LG 4K monitors:

    • LG 27UK650-W

    It features all the specifications you would need. It's a 4K IPS monitor that is also an HDR 10 compatible. Moreover, the addition of FreeSync will help if you're a casual gamer.

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    May 2019

    Re: Is it annoying to use 1080p & 4K monitors at the same time?

    IMHO get a 49" to 55" 4K TV.

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