Hello guys
I have a HP Pavilion Power 15 with the following specs
Core i7 7700HQ 2.8 Ghz 3.2 Turbo
GTX 1050 4GB

Whenever I put load on the gpu while CPU utilization is around 30% my CPU Clocks plummet down to 2.3Ghz-2.7Ghz

intel XTU says that the CPU is Current Limit throttling ,I know that it is somewhat how related to PLL states and the Voltage Controller Chip on the MB but wherever I looked I couldn't find a Solution that works
If you know anything about this and the ways to solve it I would be eternally thankful to you if you decide to share it with me

https://ibb.co/b0ifo8 here is the screen shot of XTU saying that CPU is Current Limit Throttling

Thank you for your time