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    Sep 2017

    PC Perspective Podcast Scannable to Kodi's Library, with more Joshtekk - plz?

    TL;DR - I'd like to enter the metadata of each pcper podcast episode into the so Kodi/Plex and other applications that scrape that database can display PC Perspective Podcast in the library. I'd like PC Permission to do so and see if there is anyone interested in this other than me.

    In celebration of PC Per's PC Plex Server, the 505th episode, the Revolutionization of #Joshtekk, and in memory of Allyn I'd like to create a new entry for the PC Per Podcast on After each episode I'd enter the show title, airing date, host names and show info into the site so anyone who is running Kodi or a Kodi fork can have PC Perspective Podcast in their library.

    The site also has the capacity to display images: show wallpapers, episode thumbnails and actor headshots. I can't find a great 16x9 Pc Perspective Podcast wallpaper available through an image search. So if one was made available, that'd be cool. For the other non-default, optional wallpapers, adding old and new school Joshtekk, imho, is a must. I'd leave the episode thumbs and actor bios/images blank.

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