Hi all, I have been getting this since last night a Kernel-Power Error 41. The weird thing is it was only when I was browsing not while gaming for a few hours. I'm using the Opera browser for a few years now. It just reboots and only shows the BSOD for 1 sec. But on the 3rd time it did this it said press F1 because my CPU was overclocked, but the only thing I have set is the intel turbo boost. But I had this since I built my PC over 5 years ago and never did I have any problems or an error like this, so I set it back to the stock 3.5ghz. My PSU is 6 years old I think it may be on it's way out. I also did a memtest ram is ok. Here are my system specs:

Asus Maximus V Gene
MSI GTX 1080
Crucial 16GB RAM
SilverStone 1000w PSU
Windows 7 64bit OS

I'm thinking I'm just going to buy this PSU: