Maybe you could help me here... I am getting little confused with my home WiFi connection/speed. I am using TWC (speedtest shows 61.99Mbps/4.48Mbps). I had a brand new modem/router about a month ago (Archer CR700). It was literally dropping WiFi connections (like while watching NetFlix or using cellphones, it just disconnects for sometimes an hour, then hard reboot the modem, then it works). TP-Link tech support worked with me (such diagnosis and review logs, etc), then decided to switch unit, yet I opt for upgrade to their top model, now have the Archer CR1900. This modem works better. I am guessing basically the difference is AC1750/AC1900 (DOCSIS 3.0).

However, when we sent a cellphone text while at home (with WiFi connected), it keeps circling, then send. In fact, sometimes it ends error that message couldn't be send. This happens all the time. Likewise, when selected a movie within NetFlix, it "loading..." for long time. When I go from page to page during web browsing, it takes time to bring up the new page.

Is this normal? Is there a (WiFi) test and fix for these long uploading/downloading? We have 3 TV connections (2 is wired, and still yet slow), 5 cellphones, several PC/Apple laptops, and a wireless printer (now not able to connect).

The modem is in the basement right underneath the floor and the house is 2,000sqft.