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    Jul 2009

    Lightbulb Good to-do and reminder software, any recommendation?

    I would like to find a feature-rich to-do and reminder Windows software which has the following features:
    * a way to display all forthcoming tasks at specific period, preferably the ability to sort based on urgency, category etc.
    * a task which I can set multiple reminders (e.g. remind me before 1 month at 6:00pm, before 10 days at 12:00pm, on that day at 1:15pm etc.)
    * a re-occurring task/event with advanced pattern (e.g. at different specific dates, or every 3rd, 11th, 25th day of Jan, Mar, May), preferably set when the pattern starts/expires

    I have tried several software but they lack some of the features I want. Does anyone know any software which has those features? Shareware is fine.

    Thank you very much.

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    Apr 2002

    Re: Good to-do and reminder software, any recommendation?

    Why not use your smartphone instead (assuming you own one!) and save the troubles of installing yet another program on the PC instead?
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    At least there is one on my PC !

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    Aug 2001

    Re: Good to-do and reminder software, any recommendation?

    I use Trello for reminders, project tracking and shopping lists. It has excellent native apps for Windows Store, iOS and Android. I haven't used the web interface, but I imagine it's good too.

    It doesn't support multiple reminders like you wish. It allows you to specify a "due date" (and time) for each "card" (note or task). Default behavior creates a notification on mobile 24 hours before a due date. Cards are color-coded by due date status: no color for distant due dates, yellow for eminent due dates, and red for elapsed due dates. There is a calendar view where you can see deadlines for specific days.

    The functionality you want isn't in Trello core, but it's very likely there is a "power up" that can do it, but there may be a cost involved. A workaround would be to create a card for each reminder date you desire. I highly encourage looking into Trello, as it's very powerful and quite a useful service.
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