Question is how long do you realistically expect to get from your last build before you upgrade your CPU. I am talking the Core build.. not GPU at all. Motherboard, memory and CPU

I built my current "core" system back in Fall 2014. It has a Intel i7 5960x 8 core 16 thread CPU in it on an x99 Sabertooth motherboard i installed about 2 years ago after my original Asrock board just died.

Why i am asking is X99 boards are getting harder to find because they are now a 4 year. old platform. Just wondering if 10 years is how long the community tries to get from a build like this or what time frame would you realistically expect this CPU to stay viable for going forward before you felt its better to upgrade. Im talking viability as in capable of handling future processing loads, gpu needs for processing not specific hardware wear and tear. I know we dont have crystal balls to see the its all guess work mostly.

I am debating buying a new x99 board to store now just in case this one poops the bed after its 5 year warranty is up as i have had happen a few times.