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    Sep 2018
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    2018 Win 7 CPU upgrade: i5-6600k or i7-7700k?

    I had planned on getting a i7-7700k plus a $30-100 cooler as an upgrade for my system.

    I just found out / remembered that Microsoft stopped updating Windows 7 for 7th gen and later CPUs.

    I read about a GitHub user making a patch so you can still get updates but I am not sure if it's reliable. (The 'so long and thanks for all the fish' comment makes me think Zeffy isn't going to be updating anymore)

    I can still get an i5-6600k from Amazon / NewEgg around $240-260.

    -> Should I get a 3 year old 6th gen 3.5ghz i5-6600k (~$250) that is supported by MS Windows 7 updates?
    -> Or should I go for a somewhat faster / newer 4.0ghz i7-7700k (~$340) and risk third party patches keeping Win 7 updated until it is EOL in 2020.
    -> Or are both upgrades not enough of a boost from a dual core 3.7ghz i3-6100 to bother?

    Thanks in advance, Steve


    I currently have an 3.7ghz dual core i3-6100, 16gb DDR4, Gigabyte Z170-HD3P mobo, GTX 1060 6gb.

    Usage is 1080p gaming and video / media center, general browsing, and I am thinking of making it a light duty PLEX server. Gigabyte says my mobo is 7th gen ready.

    Personal preference, I'm putting off going to Win 10 pro, staying with Win 7 pro until it is EOL in 2020. I cant stand the Win 10 UI quirks on my basic Win10 laptop.
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    Re: 2018 Win 7 CPU upgrade: i5-6600k or i7-7700k?

    ok you have several questions so lets start with running a 7th gen cpu on windows 7 , yes you could do that , I personaly have using that patch you refer to , but it is not all rosey , it causes issues because it loads some automated task and I have seen many issues in windows event veiwer , error after error . I tried with a intel 7320 , I even got a rizen 2600x amd systen to run windows 7 but either is not without issues .
    Microsoft is locking down windows 7 big time with their security updates , trusted installer will take control of your system locking down key registry entries theat even You with adnin rights can not delete ! I know I tried . I finally just gave up running windows 7 because of this issue .

    So that begs the question , why put money into a old intel chipset , IMO your wasting Your money either move to windows 10 , upgrage your cpu and mobo , or you could use linux . I , myself hate windows 10 and have moved to linux , Linux mint is pretty sweet and would run nice on your curent hardware .
    I am running a asrock h270 with a intel I3 7320 , and a Geforce 1060 , I can paly games on steam , like halflife 2 , serious sam , UT2004 while I can not run major new releases like far cry 5 it is not bad .
    Long story short , no I would not put any money into your curent rig cpu wise
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