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    Feb 2014

    Need new laptop. Going insane trying to pick one.

    Hey guys,

    So I have been using my current laptop since 2012. It is a Lenovo G570-4334.

    I have repaired it so many times it is now held together with Super Glue and Epoxy. For example, the screen hinges broke. Initially I was able to fix it. Then that fix failed when the hinge mount on the chassis broke off. So I epoxied it to the chassis and it was good. Then the hinge mounts stripped so the screws dont stay.....I epoxied the screws and hinges together. Then the fan grill broke off and the frame near it cracked. Super-glue fixed that. I had been taking it apart and putting it back together so much nearly all the screw holes were stripped. Also it seemed that every time lately, 1 or 2 screws would go missing even when putting them all in a magnetic container. The thermal paste is Noctua NH-1. I upgraded the RAM to 8GB Crucial DDR3-1600 CAS-9. The chassis is not being opened any more outside of the doors on the underside for RAM and CPU. The chassis has been epoxied together with an extra sealant on the outside of super glue by Gorrilla Glue.

    As you can probably tell, this laptop has been in service for a while and unfortunately has seen some dangerous times. It usually rides in my backpack at work and is pulled out to update service tickets in the field or to assist with Router and Switch maintenance. The specs are a Sandybridge Core i3 23xx something I think. 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 1600. 1x 120GB Kingston HyperX 3K SSD. It runs Linux as Windows sucks hard on this machine at this point. Yes I tried 10 on here and NO,,,,,Hell No.

    So, I am here asking for assistance as I have been looking through my options and am going insane.

    The requirements I have are simple but sound. No, this is not a gaming computer. I do not game on a laptop if I can help it. I would be fine if it could game at the same time but I primarily watch streaming video, read E-Books, maybe Blender Modeling but also use for work in the field.

    I use Linux so keep in mind that I will most likely be wiping that virus of an OS (windows 10) off my machine.

    • It needs to be friendly to Linux aka works OOTB with all hardware BT/Wifi etc
    • Must be charged over USB-C/Thunderbolt - I am sick and tired of replacing the barrel port or replacing barrel dongle power bricks. USB C is supposed to have a longer life and stronger port.
    • Should be 15.6" or smaller. At the smallest of 13". 13 or 14" is preferred but 15.6" is acceptable.
    • Touchscreen is optional (not preferred) but if it is touchscreen, it needs to be able to fold over like a tablet so Im not poking at a screen like an idiot but instead using it like a tablet before I flip it back over and use the laptop like normal.
    • I Prefer a Matte screen so I dont have to deal with glare from the sun at work.
    • 1080p or higher -- at Most 1440p.
    • NO NVIDIA graphics - Nvidia's drivers on Linux Suck hard. And when they dont, they are a beotch to install and break as soon as you update the kernel.
    • If dedicated graphics are in it, they must be Intel or AMD (preferably of the Vega series aka Intel's Vega M iGPU series or a Ryzen 7 series or RX Polaris chip like the 580.)
    • Intel or AMD - If AMD - Ryzen 2700U/2500U with Vega 10/Vega 8. If Intel - UHD 620/HD620 or Vega M (ex: Intel Core i7-8809G)
    • Wireless AC
    • Bluetooth 4.1 or higher
    • at minimum 8GB of RAM. Preferably 16GB. Ability to upgrade RAM would be ideal.
    • SSD - m.2 nvme is preferable.
    • DVDRW - not necessary
    • Not heavy - this sucker is riding in my backpack with all my tools. I dont need any additional weight if I can help it.
    • Sturdy/Durable materials
    • able to take it and keep ticking.
    • Max price ~$1800.
    • Newegg. I use my Store card. I do not have an Amazon card at this time. So please keep it to Newegg. i have 12 months 0% APR on every purchase over $500. I have not had any issues with Newegg since I started using them in 2008.

    ***I would like to clarify this: I am not specifically looking for a 2-in-1 as I am less likely to use it as a tablet. I am also not specifically looking for a Kaby Lake-G. I am however specifically looking for USB-C Charging. I would like to be able to find one with a Ryzen chip like the 2700U. Or, an Intel 8th gen chip. Based on what I can find, Ryzen 2700U Vega10 is better than Kaby Lake-G Vega M. I am less likely to use touch screen than most people seem to think. I have never need to before and didnt really desire the option. The way I see it, if I want touch pad stuff, Ill get a WACOM writing pad. ***

    If it has the ability to have a WWAN card added for mobile computing, that would be nice to have so I dont have to tether my phone. But again, not a requirement.

    My laptop has been running into issues more and more as time goes on and I fear that it will break soon in a way that I can not solve at the office.

    I am Lenovo, Dell, HP certified for computers. HP has been on my watch list but as long as HP stays away from joining the FWUpdate group for Linux firmware updates (Dell and Lenovo are part of that group) then HP unfortunately is not in the running. FWUpdate allows you to upgrade the firmware from the Linux OS automatically like you are installing software packages. No more downloading either an ISO or booting to a Windows USB or partition just to install a BIOS update or something like that.

    I do like to Blender render from time to time. When I do game on this old laptop, I am playing games like Breach & Clear, Company of Heroes 1 & 2, and other top down RTS games like Warzone 2100. Not super demanding but they work. Hence my request of it being Vega graphics or at the least AMD RX Polaris series like a 580. Not simply because of gaming but also because I can use it for Blender Rendering. Can you imagine making the stuff I have with 5000 samples on a i3-Sandybridge chip? It takes HOURs to render.

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    Jun 2001
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    Re: Need new laptop. Going insane trying to pick one.

    I don't know laptops well but I do know a little about linux and IMO your going to have better luck with Intel 7th or 8th gen CPU running on older kernels . AMD and newer Intel run best with kernel 4.18 so you might want to take that into consideration . Of the 2 laptops I have owned , both Dell, have worked great with Linux
    I tryed a desktop I built running a AMD 2600x and a lot of distro's would not run well , even with kernel 4.15 . -4.18 but hey that could have been the mother board , so just sharing my limited experience here . I am no Linux guru by no means
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